February 22nd, 2012

Pendleton Fabric

The endorsement of the “tribal” trend seems out of control. Sadly Pendleton is a one of the target where you can probably see some of it in the huge fashion craze these days, however I can’t hate them. I’ve been a big fan of the Pendleton fabric since the time I was a high school kid who saving up money to purchase the turquoise blue Pendleton jacket decades ago.

Over the weekend, I made two pillow cases from the Pendleton fabric. I personally prefer their 100% wool than some itchy kilim pillowcases. It turned out quite nice along with the grey blanket on my bed. I found it funny that one of the Pendleton store in LA was not really a hipster’s mecca. It is located on the quiet street in San Marino where  you won’t see any cool pendleton printed clothing but rather some nice blankets and friendly senior people. I bought the blue small blanket at the store that is the same as the one showing above from Urbanoutfitters. The Navajo inspired blankets have beautiful vivid patterns, and again the wool feels incredible.

Here are some handmade pendleton pillow cases that I found from etsy. Pendtleton fabrics are really easy to sew since it doesn’t get frayed at the edge. The fabric itself is a bit pricy but making it on your own is quite fun.

If you casually want to enjoy Pendleton patterns, their bath towel collections would be a great addition to your home!

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